Manjanelen is a fair-trade, local crafting shop based in the Netherlands. The store has humble beginnings as a one-person crafting blog, and has rapidly grown into a local and trusted online store for local crafts. Our team is comprised of talented individuals who are passionate about sharing our knowledge about handicrafts and inspiring other people to share theirs. We are focused on nurturing a loyal community of artisans who believe in creative expression and support the local economy.

We are not just another store. We are an essential part of the cultural landscape of the Netherlands. We always strive to support and sustain our heritage, while still keeping up with the trends in order to continue innovating on our crafts. Our team also only sources our handmade products locally in order to support the livelihoods of hundreds of small entrepreneurs and local artists.

Local Talent

We are a welcoming local crafting shop that features a highly curated collection of finely made gifts by independent artists, designers, and small-batch creative companies from all over the country. We feel proud not just because we are able able to showcase the local talent, but our own creative heritage as well.  We hope to improve the perception of handmade goods in the retail marketplace by displaying the best work of local artists and designers who adhere to the highest standards of quality.

Quality Handmade Products

We strive to offer quality handmade work from artists in the community as well as around the country so that you can find the perfect gift for your friends, family members, and even yourself. Our shop provides an outlet for the artists in our community and around the country to display their artistic endeavors, make some extra money and contribute to the local economy.

We also offer “special order” services that some of our customers may request for certain products. Many of the artisans that we feature in our shop will accept custom orders for items that are displayed in our store, or for something similar to them. Some of the services that offer regularly include quilting – machine and hand, creating t-shirts or new quilts, custom needlework and embroidery and more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to share with our customers a piece of treasure from our community. We aim to provide enjoyment and appreciation with our products, whether they are simple souvenirs or a fully-embroidered, high-quality article of clothing sourced from local materials and handmade with exquisite care. We aim to only bring pieces that resonate our heritage and express our appreciation for the local artists and artisans.

We believe in the value handmade crafts and products and in the preservation of handmade crafting skills. The ability to do calligraphy, wood carving, ceramics, flower arranging, perfume making, weaving, natural dyeing, and more are all skills and talents that should be nurtured and supported by the entire community. Through our products and our service, we hope to continue contributing to the evolution of the local identity as well as our sense community.