Other Services

The mission of our team is to provide a large variety of the highest quality handmade items while also providing exceptional customer service. You can check out our traditional handicrafts and other offerings, all of which are extraordinary pieces of art that are made on the spot in our own atelier. If you are interested, contact us through the contact page.  Here is a list of the related services that we offer.

Handicraft Master Class

Occasionally, we offer individual master classes where you can make your own handicrafts and take them home with you. Whether they are interested in it as a hobby or a profession, these persons can access handicraft skills and even marketing training, and booth rental for the purposes of selling the craft. We would love to teach you how to make your own handicrafts and ensure they get sold.

We have a dedicated workspace in the shop and we are very happy to offer a variety of handicraft master classes.  The objective of these classes is to provide students with a fun and memorable experience while teaching new techniques that enable everyone – no matter their skill level or experience – to create beautiful, handmade items.  We offer classes for all skill levels, starting at age 6 and up.

Crafting Supplies

We also sell a variety of crafting supplies for those who are interested in making their own handmade items. We carry stencil, sand, paint supplies for kids, plus craft foam shapes, bulk craft jewels, and so much more. As your one-stop-shop, we hope to make your shopping experience easy, speedy and fun. By offering outstanding customer service, speedy delivery and a hassle-free exchange and return policy, we guarantee your satisfaction when you shop with us.


Every piece in our store tells a story. From the quality of the materials used to the design and construction, every aspect of a handmade creation says something about the values of the artist, artisan, or designer. Low-quality materials, uninspired design and poor construction often leave us feeling short changed no matter how little we spend.