We are boutique, gallery and workshop devoted to both traditional and contemporary handmade goods. We sell the work of our in-house team as well as the pieces created by local artists, artisans, and designers. Here are some of the services that we offer.

Traditional, Handmade Items

Our products are handmade, unique and valuable gifts. We always observe old traditions by crafting our unique items and selecting pieces that are made by our local artists and designers. They all are handmade, made from renewable natural materials and one-of-a-kind. These amazing and valuable pieces will never lose their value even after many years. Our products combine function and clarity of design to make beautiful gifts and unforgettable memories.

You can purchase local craft, gifts and art in a wide variety of forms such as clothing, houseware, books, jewelry, ornaments, music, and more! We also offer gift certificates.

Special Orders

We are very proud of our personal service and satisfying our customer’s needs and demands. Many of our artisans, be they potters, leather or woodworkers, jewelers or seamstresses will take custom orders for pieces that you may see in the store or similar. If you have an unusual request, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate it.

We have artisans who come to the store on certain to provide on-the-spot quilting and embroidery.  If you see something in the store you like and would like to have something special embroidered on it, you can it as a special order.


If you are a local artist, designer, or artisan, consignment selling can add to your overall income and be a great complement for your other sales strategies. It offers a more regular and consistent sales opportunity compared to what you would have if you were just selling at a few craft shows each year. We are always on the hunt for new handmade products to occupy our shelves.

We accept new items depending on a number of factors, including: whether or not we already carry something similar, whether we have sufficient space at the moment to carry your products, and whether or not they are suitable for our store’s general aesthetic.